Wantage Distro 7"s

Image of Wantage Distro 7"s


So, this is the catch-all for our 7" distro. Here's what we've got, note that postage value increases with quantity:

-Broken Water: Normal Never Happened 7" (first press, Fan Death)
-Pine Hill Haints: San Pedro Save My Soul 7" (on 45RPM)
-Killer Dreamer: Survival Guns 7" (on Kapow)
-White Shit: Carry Me 7" (on PPM)
-Goddammitboyhowdy: Is Rez Punk (Minor Bird)
-Abassador Gun: Rich 7" (Minor Bird)
-Bellini: Buffalo Song 7" (Radio Is Down)
-The Blind Shake/Birthday Suits: Split 7" (Learning Curve)
-Out Cold: Planned Accidents 7" (Acme)
-Bill Bondsmen: Lungs Sieze 7" (Acme)
-Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Somer 7" (Bro Fidelity)
-Mountain High/Loving Thunder: Split 7" (Hot Dog City)
-Japanther/the Good Good: Split 7" (Altin Village)
-Disgruntled Nation: Grape Juice Plus 7" (Pink House)
-Parts and Labor: We Were Here 7" (Altin Village)
-Bad Dudes: Euro 2008 7" (Altin Village)
-Mountain High: Catholic Cookie Cutters 7" (Hot Dog City)
-Howardian/Nikki Light Brigade: Split 7" (1995)
-WantCompDeux 7" -Trumans Water, Howardian, Irving Klaw, Soul Junk, National Rockombo (1994)
-The Scrams: Flea Market Rock 7" (self-released)
-The Lights: Suge Knight Sweetheart 7" (Childstar)