Wantage Distro 12"s

Image of Wantage Distro 12"s


Here's what we've got for 12"s and 10"s. note with postage, the more you order, the lower the cost.

-the Blind Shake: Carmel 12" (Learning Curve)
-The Blind Shake w. Michael Yonkers: Soft Zodiac 12" (Learning Curve)
-Pygmy Lush: Bitter River 12" (Robotic Empire)
-Helms Alee: Night Terror 12" (Robotic Empire) SOLD OUT
-Thou: Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For 12" (Robotic Empire)
-Wranger Brutes: The Tape 12" (X-Mist)
-Kurt: La Guard 12" (X-Mist)
-Kurt: Schesaplana 12" (X-Mist)
-Vaz: The Lie That Matches the Furniture 12" (Learning Curve)
-Vaz: Demonstrations In Micronesia (X-Mist) SOLD OUT
-Ether: Music For Air Raids 12" (Roto)
-White Shit: Sculpted Beef 12" (PPM)
-Japanther: Rock 'n Roll Ice Cream (Menlo Park)
-Birds Mile Home: S/T 12" (Minor Bird)
-Squalora: Hell Is Other People 12" (Minor Bird)
-Ten Volt Shock: 78 Hours 12" (X-Mist)
-Ballast : Sound Asleep 12" (Profane Existence)
-V/A Top Notch: Hits From The Hive 12" (CDB)
-Pink Noise: Graffiti Youth 12" (Kill Shaman)
-Shokei/Kids Explode/Falcon Five/Pete the Pirate Squid 12" (Altin)
-Patterns/Falcon 5: Split 12" (Altin)
-Shokei: Painkiller 12" (Altin)
-Squalora: And So They Died Miserably... 12" (Defector)
-Last of the Juanitas: Hawaii 12" (Flapping Jet) SOLD OUT
-The Bugs: Barbaric, Mystical, Bored 12" (Hovercraft)
-The Bugs: ...The Bugs 12" (Hovercraft)
-the Lights: Diamonds and Dirt 12" (Swingline)
-1776: Teenage War Songs 12" (Aerodrome)
-Omega Cinco/Nebur: Split 10" (Holy Cobra)
Nerve City: I Fucked Death 10" (Kill Shaman)